PLEASE NOTE: We don’t stock (non-stick) ribbons with a 13mm core

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We are a South African thermal transfer ribbon supplier. Our transfer ribbons are manufactured from high grade materials and are available at the best prices.

We supply most thermal ribbon sizes and should be able to supply you with the thermal ribbon required to fit your printer.

Metallic Ribbons

These colour ribbons are wax/ resin and are extremely durable producing excellent sharp prints The print on smooth or lightly textured paper surfaces and PE or PET materials give great results.
The transfer rates are 6” per second and are compatible with the majority of flat head printers on the market.

Available in size 50mmx300m.

Laundry Ribbons

Used mainly in the garment and textile manufacturing industry for branding, garment care and size labels, these ribbons are suitable for on-demand, personalised printing using thermal transfer technology.


These resin ribbons for special applications offer the following features:

  • Printable on receiving cloths (nylon, polyester, acetate)
  • Superb smear resistance even at temperatures as high as 150°C (image will not blur even with ironing)
  • Printing image durable against water and dry cleaning
  • Unique coating on the back allows reliable and superior matching qualities with thermal head

Prints on nylon, polyester and acetate.


Wax Resin Ribbons

A mixture/hybrid of wax/resin on a ribbon offers exceptional print quality and scratch resistance/smudge proof. Suggested uses are for asset tracking in rough our outdoor locations, warehouse signage and medical device tracking.

  • Ideal for both standard and weatherproof thermal transfer labels
  • Harder printed area than full wax; more resistant to occasional heavy handling, moisture, and temperature changes
  • Intermediate price bracket
  • Good for barcode, shipping, prescription pharmaceutical, and shelf labels


Wax Ribbons

A full wax thermal transfer ribbon is coated with a wax-based ink, requiring a low melting temperature.

  • Most common type of thermal transfer ribbon
  • Recommended for coated and uncoated paper stock
  • Softer image durability
  • Inexpensive
  • Good for shipping, shelf, bin, retail, and warehouse labels

Near Edge Ribbons

Labelales offers premium thermal transfer labels that will fit most of your printing applications. We supply wax, wax/resin, resin, new edge and various colour-ribbons of all sizes. According to your printing needs and environment, Labelales provides ribbons that will give you a satisfying printing result. Depending on the type of labels you are printing on, durability, and speed, we have what you are looking for.

  • Shipping Inventory
  • Shelf Labeling
  • Retail Tags
  • Logistics Product Labeling
  • General Label Printing
  • RFID

Please contact us at sales@labelales.co.za for professional and caring services.