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P.I.Y Ribbons

Print It Yourself Ribbons

The newest gift wrapping trend: let your customers print a personalised ribbon with P.I.Y. Ribbons.

Ready-To-Use Package The Best Introduction Offer.


P.I.Y. Ribbons - An Introduction

Suitable for all retailers from florists, wine merchants or delicatessens to bookstores and perfumeries, hotels & restaurants, car dealers, morticians, the events industry (openings, business events) and much more!

P.I.Y. Ribbons Starter Kit

P.I.Y. Ribbons enables your customers to create beautiful satin ribbons with a personal message. The starter kit includes everything you need to offer this service in your shop. In 15 minutes the printer is ready to use on your desk and you can start selling ribbons.

Starter kit including printer with cutter, tablet, introduction package with ribbon & ink and all needed accessories.

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